School community service, EVS and ESC, which are in the focus of our project, all aim at fostering social cohesion and inclusion. The 5 partners – in Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Spain and Turkey – represent cultural diversity and they are all inclusive schools in their region. In addition to this, we would like to involve students with special needs, those with immigrant or other minor background, with social obstacles due to family unemployment, etc. Some of our extra-curricular programs can be used not just in public education but as non-formal activities for the youth.

Our project aims to provide a new model on how schools can contribute to students acquiring these skills. It has a competence- and
project-based approach to find new ways for citizenship education through active peer to peer learning – ’learning by doing’.

Another priority is the assistance of teachers to acquire new methods through experiences in multicultural cooperation so the
project contributes to the development of their professional skills and helps to prevent professional burnout.