Közgazdasági Politechnikum – Lead partner

Közgazdasági Politechnikum is an independent secondary school in Hungary, maintained by an NGO, offering a comprehensive academic program supplemented with entrepreneurial curriculum.

Its aims are:

  • to develop students’ many-folded skills (humanities, sciences, foreign languages, ICT, sports, multicultural
    competences) and personal motivation to encourage their active civic participation;
  • to provide a friendly, positive environment and various extracurricular programs and opportunities for all students,
    including those with special needs in order to support their personal and professional development;
  • to contribute to the multicultural dialogue of youth in Europe by organizing transnational programs (Erasmus+ school
    partnerships, youth exchanges, voluntary service and e-Twinning);
  • to enhance their competences in the field of citizenship education with courses like civics, multi-culture and a Tolerance day built around the idea of human rights and democracy, reflecting on social, historical, legal and political burning issues, events with interactive workshops, lectures, discussions, group work, films, sports, music, dances, arts and crafts, etc.