Agrupamento de Escolas Henrique Sommer in Maceira, Leiria (AEHS) is a Portuguese state institution of education, constituted by the head school (from the 5th to the 12th grades), 7 kindergartens and 5 primary schools. Maceira is an ancient little town lying in an industrialized region with some touristic interest points. People in the area live mainly from industry altogether with a subsistence agriculture.

  • Altogether, 1031 students attend AEHS, 110 teachers and 41 non-educational staff work for the institution.
  • we are dealing with decreases in enrollment due to emigration. Countering this we are recruiting students from surrounding areas.
  • Modern methodology provides good results; students learn practical and soft skills
  • We prepare students to either continue their education or to enter the labor market.
  • International programs are an integral part of our modern methodology.
  • We are an inclusive institution.
  • AEHS promotes life long learning, aims at fostering studetns active citizenship and intercultural dialogue in Europe.