Good Practices

Ghent (B)

Voluntary work is part of our curriculum and social interaction through voluntary work is one of our key points. We would also like all our students to do a year of voluntary work after graduation in order to help the world become a better place and the students themselves improve their social skills. We would like to achieve it with the following projects:
1. Students in the two last years (16-17-year-olds) can choose an optional subject and one option is Sava? which offers them to do some voluntary work in the neighbourhood of the school. The idea is to give them the responsibility, the choice and the platform to work for a better community.They can teach Dutch to foreign toddlers, organise study guidance for primary school students, visit lonely senior citizens, help in their household and take them on outing in the neighbourhood, organise the animation in a retirement home, create new environmental projects, promote traffic safety, take care of graves, help local organizations during festivities. In this community service the school collaborates with a relief center, Ziekenzorg, the OCMW, the RVT, a religious community, the local police force and different other local organizations. In the 10 years of the project, we have won a lot of prizes with it, for example the prestigious Queen Paola Prize for Education.
2. Voluntary Camp – in the summer vacation we organize a one-week camp for our upper grade students. With a couple of students, we stay in Bruges and work together with several different organizations such as retirement homes, refugee centers, homes for disabled people, etc. We not only visit people in need but also live with them and learn about their way of life and their needs. During this week we only use fair-trade products or local products and try to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible.

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