Open House at Poli

On Saturday, November 30 Poli held its annual Open House. This is a day when prospective parents and children come to to visit the school, attend lectures on how the school works, what sets it apart from typical Hungarian secondary schools.

This year ComServ was present with two teachers and 5 volunteering students from the project. Between 9 am and 1 pm we held four 45 minutes discussions on Erasmus+, focusing specifically on ComServ.  Over 75 people attended our presentations and expressed great interest in the project and in Eramsus+. Numerous parents and nearly all of the children said it was fascinating and makes the school even more attractive.

The volunteers fielded questions on student participation, what it is like to be a host or to stay with a host family, etc.


All in all it was a very fruitful event. We eagerly looking forward to next year’s Open House at Poli!


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