Dissemination to the people

In Budpest at Poli there was an open house event today, November 23 and the ComSer team was represented two teachers and 4 students to discuss the ins and outs of Erasmus+. Obviously, ComServ was used as an example to explain how Strategic Partnerships work with student participants  talking about their experience both as host and guest. They held their own under the onslaught of questions from the parents of prospective Poli students. They did such a good job in fact, that after the session was over they kept talking about it in the hallways to those that could not make it to our session.

All told, 52 persons were reached directly and there is no way of knowing how many indirectly… let is suffice to say that most people were telling their friends, husbands, wives about what they had heard when they ran into them in the hallway after the season. So, it was a smashing success.


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