At Long Last; Recovered UpCycling Video

Our partners in Hungary just found a short video from the Novmeber project meeting. It is an inteview they made with one of the leaders of Medence csoport about up-cycling, which is part of the Hungarian Good Practice on environmental protection.  

Youth Exchange Reports

Students participating in Youth Exchanges shall be required to write short reports on their time as a host or as a guest. This is just one way we will determine the level of success of each exchange.   Wander over to our eTwinning TwinSpace for a  gander

eTwinning in ComServ

Between the Kick-off meeting in Budapest in November, 2017 and the second youth exchange in Ghent, April 2018 we launched our eTw project. The TwinSpace is an integral part of our over all project and will be used in several ways. Forexample, student reports on each youth exchange will be posted there and preliminary or […]

Feeding the Hungary is indeed Noble

A few cyclists decided one cold winter evening to help the homeless and bring sandwiches to them by bike. One thing lead to another and this group of friends grew and grew. It expanded into the Budapest Bike Mafia +1 sandwich program.   During the recent  project meeting in Budapest, Hungary participants baked a kind […]